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Welcome to a world where the sky dances with color and life, a place dedicated to celebrating the awe-inspiring diversity of the wild parrots! These aren’t just birds; they are a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, a symphony of lively chatter, and a testament to nature’s creativity. Parrots are more than feathered friends in our homes; they are masterpieces of the wild, brimming with a spectrum of hues that could put a rainbow to shame, displaying behaviors that fascinate and intrigue, and showcasing cognitive abilities that will leave you in sheer amazement.

Step into their world, and you’ll be transported to a realm where these magnificent birds reign supreme. They are not just living in the wild; they are the wild, embodying the unbridled spirit of nature. Their lives are woven with tales of friendship, love, intelligence, and courage. Watch them soar through the skies, their wings painting strokes of freedom and grace, their flight as mesmerizing as the tales of their arrival here. Each flutter, each call, tells a story of survival, of community, and of a world far removed from our own.

At californiaparrots.com, our passion is to bring this incredible world to you. Through our carefully selected photographs, we don’t just share images; we share emotions, stories, and a journey into the heart of these extraordinary creatures. Our goal? To not just educate or entertain, but to ignite a spark of wonder and admiration in your heart for these spectacular birds. We invite you to rediscover the magic of parrots in a way you’ve never imagined before. Join us in this enchanting adventure and let your spirit fly alongside these winged wonders in the skies above!

Mike Bowles and Loretta Erickson:
A Portrait of Avian Enthusiasm and Research

From a young age, Mike Bowles’ heart was captured by the feathered friends that visited his backyard. At just ten years old, a charming pair of pigeons became his first love, inspiring him to build a cozy pigeon coop with his dad. This wasn’t just a shelter for his winged visitors; it was the start of a beautiful, lifelong journey with birds. His collection grew to over fifty birds, each one adding a unique brushstroke to his vibrant, avian world.

For Mike, birds weren’t just a hobby; they were a passion that intertwined with his artistic soul. He initially dabbled in photography to find subjects for his paintings, but soon, his camera found a higher calling. It became his tool to capture the beauty and spirit of the birds he cherished so deeply.

Meanwhile, Loretta Erickson’s love for nature and wildlife was kindled in the warmth of her family’s tales and adventures. Her relatives, Alfred and Elma Milotte, weren’t just wildlife photographers; they were storytellers who pioneered the True Life Adventure Series for Walt Disney, bringing the wonders of nature from far-off lands into her life. Loretta’s childhood explorations in the Milottes’ forested home contrasted sharply with her urban upbringing, painting her world with a lush, green brush of nature’s magic.

Together, Mike and Loretta’s life took a colorful turn when Sydney, a captivating, hand-raised Yellow-headed Amazon, joined their family. This wasn’t just a pet; Sydney was a window into the world of parrots. Their feathered family grew with the arrival of Keyta, a Blue-fronted Amazon, deepening their bond with these intelligent, expressive creatures.

Driven by a desire to understand and connect with the natural world, Mike and Loretta set out to explore the lives of wild parrots in Southern California. Their first encounter with these majestic birds was just the beginning. With an intense desire to learn the who, what, when, where and why of it all, they dedicated themselves to tracking, photographing, and understanding these vibrant flocks. Immersing themselves in the world of these parrots since 2001. They came to know and name over fifty parrots, recognizing each one as a unique individual; a testament to their deep, personal connection with these birds.