The Others

In the midst of the wild parrots in Southern California, there are those who, for now, are one of a kind or fly with the larger flocks in small numbers. While they may be a rare sight in certain areas, each plays an important role within their flock. They are unusual, but welcomed — they are….The Others.

When unusual parrots arrive in our area, they gravitate toward our local flock of Amazons. The male Rose-ringed Parakeet you see in our photos below has been with our Amazon flock for years, dating back to 2004. The Blue-crowned Parakeet you will find nestled against a Red-crowned Amazon has also been a member of our Amazon flock for years. Though quite unusual, these two parrots are a mated pair and are always seen together. There are wild flocks of Blue-crowned Parakeets and Rose-ringed Parakeets elsewhere in Southern California, but not near us.

The Others Gallery